February 19, 2019

Why We Do It

College access and successA dream is a vision.  Many people have dreamed about their ideal profession or desired credentials or life style.  The only thing that has stopped individuals from achieving their dream is a wall. These walls stop, delay or slow the progression of a person’s pursuit of their academic goal and desired profession.   How many people have the title of “all but dissertation”?  You have worked hard. You made it through the course work and passed the comprehensive examination; however, you can’t seem to complete your dissertation.

How many people have an undergraduate degree and desire a master’s degree?  The idea of spending more money on your education can become an unbearable thought. Perhaps wondering how you will be a mother or father, wife or husband, employer or employee, while studying, has stopped your pursuit of a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree.  Maybe you wonder about your children’s education.

The cost of education is rising. Access is reemerging as an issue of concern for schools with the most liberal admission policies.  There have been many cognitive and non cognitive issues that have made it difficult for students to persist in college.  It becomes difficult to move about when you feel confined by all of these walls standing in the way of your vision. Options Without Walls, LLC can help you knock down your walls.  Access to your dream is in reach.  You need a personal education plan (PEP).  One that takes into account your individual needs and concerns.  Let’s develop a plan that if executed, will bring you closer than ever before of achieving your dream.   Let’s start to strategically plan to remove walls that stand in the way of you accomplishing your academic and career goal. We can do it. You can do it!  Let’s do it.