February 19, 2019

What We Do

Options Without Walls, LLC:

Believes that goals are achievable with the right plan, and our mission is to guide you in developing your unique plan for success.  Options Without Walls provides counseling to help individuals determine how to navigate their way to achieving academic and professional goals.  Our counseling is supplemented by academic enrichment and career services. The pursuit of education is not just for young adults.  Therefore, we work with people of all ages seeking a college education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  The firm assesses each person and helps them identify their best options, given their individual profile.  We don’t just look at one or two aspects of the education landscape.  We take a comprehensive approach, weaving together all of the important components, including academic background, career interests, funding, college environment, and more.  Our goal is to promote college access and persistence for all of our clients.  We offer individual consultations, group consultations, workshops and college tours. Contact us for more information.