February 19, 2019


Options Without Walls, LLC Student Testimonial

Tiffanie Steward DeloachI am a former student of Options Without Walls LLC.  I first came in contact with Dr. Driggers, the founder of Options Without Walls LLC, 16 years ago when I wanted to enter college.  Dr. Driggers helped me with school selection, the admissions process, financial aid, securing scholarships and internships.  He shared in the challenges and triumphs of my academic and daily life.  After graduation, Dr. Driggers motivated me to pursue two master’s degrees and a PhD.  Most importantly, he was there encouraging me every step of the way and showing me how to be socially responsible by giving back to others in the same manner that I had been given things to help me along my journey.  Without hesitation, I would recommend others to pursue the services that Options Without Walls LLC has to offer. Dr. Driggers’ organization offers a well rounded platform of services to its participants for their immediate and long-term future.

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