February 19, 2019



Rubin ElliottRubin Elliott – Retiring High School Guidance Counselor in the Philadelphia Public School District

Anthony Driggers is an educator who has always dedicated himself to developing a student to meet the full potential which that student possesses. In various capacities, Anthony has gotten to understand how to connect to a student’s educational needs.

The advice and direction that Anthony has used to guide students has always led them to find success when others may have been more skeptical about the students’ eventual outcome.

Anthony has always found a way to connect with his students on their level so that they are motivated to evolve into the person they never imagined they could be.

Confidence and success are the partnership he has always imparted to anyone that he has known.





Aliya Barnhill

As an educator who has spent the better part of 20 years teaching students on every academic level from pre-school to college, I have come to admire and appreciate Dr. Anthony Driggers’ commitment to education as one of the most authentic I have known. That Dr. Driggers has emerged as one of the leading minds in education can almost go without saying, but his commitment to the Sankofa principle of “return and get them” is what distinguishes his work from so many others. He is someone who has worked diligently to achieve his success through education, and shows his gratitude by continuously helping others to secure theirs.

Dr. Driggers’ experience in college administration, coupled with his extensive doctoral research in college retention, has given him the capacity and desire to facilitate real growth and positive change in the lives of the students fortunate enough to work with him.

Through his position in higher education he has helped many non -traditional aged students return to college or begin exciting new college careers. At the opposite end of that journey, Dr. Driggers has enjoyed counseling and assisting many graduate and doctoral candidates with the development of research and design on their own capstone projects. However, perhaps most prevalently, and without question most importantly, is the work he has done to help young people achieve their dreams.

Dr. Driggers has assisted countless students and their families navigate their way through the college enrollment management process, and helped many of them find realistic tuition funding sources, develop strategies to meet the cost of higher education, and -in some instances – helped find scholarship opportunities that, for many families, were just short of miraculous. The workshops Dr. Driggers provides through Options Without Walls, together with his tireless efforts with DVCT to provide early college exposure to students, promotes college persistence among students by giving them the literal head start in developing real winning strategies for coping with the academic, financial and social rigors of college life. The OWW workshops help bright high school students to develop college level study and self management skills, and to nurture the character of persistence necessary to achieve a college degree. Obtaining a college degree – that sometimes very illusive foundation of opportunity and success – is anything, but easy. But Dr. Driggers has made a way to help students achieve it, from beginning to end.

All of Dr. Driggers’ work, it would seem, is in the service of encouraging, teaching and empowering others with the tools to achieve, to learn, to follow their own dreams, and to, ultimately, live their own best possible lives.

As a teacher, I admire and applaud that ability … and, even more, what it says about the character of the person who desires to do it.



Driggers Kiya Hill

I have had the opportunity to know Dr. Driggers for the past 9 years. Words cannot describe the great impact that he has made in my life as well as the life of my son Ahmid. As I began my personal journey to pursue a college degree in 2003, Dr. Driggers not only encouraged me, he hand delivered my application and he literally walked me in the doors of CCP to make sure I took my placement test. Today I hold an Associate in Arts Degree in Health Services Management. I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with Dr. Driggers about 2 years ago when my son went on his first college tour. Prior to signing my son up for this college tour I didn’t have any knowledge that Dr. Driggers was even a part of the organization, but sure enough when I walked in to the first orientation meeting there he was, doing what he does best, encouraging students to pursue a higher education. My son has since went on another college tour and is determined to attend college; it’s the only option!



DriggersCheyneisha Nicholson

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania


I remember the first time I met Dr. Driggers.  It was at a meeting for the 2009 Delaware Valley College Tour.  At this meeting not only did Dr. Driggers explain the objectives and give information about the tour, but he also gave insight into the college admissions process.  He discussed important aspects to focus on while applying to college and helped me create a mental image of the costs of tuition at different schools.  Since I was a sophomore in high school I knew very little about the college admissions process.  After listening to Dr. Drigger’s teachings, I obtained knowledge that would help me pick the school that was best for me.



Summer HillSummer Hill (Testimonial written by mom, Sara Hill)

Recently, Options Without Walls’ program fostered hope to a seemingly disappointing situation. Due to unforeseen circumstances a previous college tour was cancelled. My daughter and several other students were disappointed to hear this news. Options Without Walls, LLC was able to bring a team together so that the students were still provided a chance to see HBCU schools. What I like was that OWW was still able to maintain the same excellence as the other tour company.

OWW’s Director, Dr. Driggers, is very thorough in answering questions and guiding students and their parents towards the correct direction, without being forceful, or over bearing.  He gave my daughter a realistic approach to making a final decision on which university to attend. His approach to consultation consists of taking someone’s dream, and then creating several scenarios of “what ifs”, if they were to follow that dream. Providing his expertise to parents helped ease anxiety I was feeling in dealing with my daughter embarking on an education at an HBCU school. Lastly, this program helped show my daughter that being #1 in the class, all while being involved in extra-curricular activities, and community service and other organizations should be celebrated.