February 19, 2019


Options Without Walls, LLC Student Testimonial

Monique FortuneI met Dr. Driggers as a sophomore in high school.  From the beginning, I was intrigued by this man who knew so much about college and so much about life. As a sophomore, my knowledge about college and the admission process was limited. The main thing I knew was that I wanted to go. Dr. Driggers was able to interpret my desires and potential, assist me in developing some short-term goals, and eventually help me to decide on the best place for me. Although my college preferences changed many times, I eventually chose Howard University. Dr. Driggers was always willing to help me in my college search, and I depended on him once I knew that I would be attending his alma mater.

Throughout high school I was able to participate in Dr. Driggers’ SAT Prep Class and attend one of his pre-college summer programs, all of which helped me in my transition to college. I learned what it took to get into and stay in college, as well as how to make the most of my university experience. I am now a recent Graduate of Howard University (Class of 2012) and I am proud to say that I have taken advantage of almost of everything my school had to offer. I participated in a study abroad program, became a member of the Executive Leadership Honors Program, took on leadership positions in organizations, completed internships, and more.

 Dr. Driggers has helped me in so many ways, academically and personally. Whenever I have doubts in my abilities or in my potential, he always reminds me that my future is bright.

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