February 19, 2019


Options Without Walls, LLC Student Testimonial

Options Without Walls, LLC Student TestimonialDr. Anthony Driggers has played numerous roles in my life over the past 9 years.  I was introduced to Dr. Driggers in my sophomore year at Central High School. As I began to act upon my interest in attending college, he was a great mentor, role model and supporter. I learned all the ins and outs of college admissions, financing my education, the struggles of matriculation, and how to maximize my potential. I attended almost all of Dr. Driggers college tours and workshops throughout high school, giving up all my Spring Breaks and countless Saturdays.

Dr. Driggers has shown true dedication and support to me and my aspirations. He has been a close friend and mentor throughout my high school career, my matriculation at Hampton University, and my recent enrollment in Boston University School of Medicine. He admirably maintained contact and supported his students as he worked to earn his doctorate, and does not hesitate to give up his personal time to help students. Dr. Diggers is a great believer in paying it forward and encouraging our youth to pursue greatness. He gives opportunities to students whom others have given up on, or otherwise would not have access to college preparation help.

His mentoring and academic programs have helped me become the scholar that I am. My favorite aspect of Dr. Driggers’ programs is networking. He provides numerous opportunities for his students (past and present) to share knowledge and experiences; on many occasions, Dr. Driggers’ colleagues and other professionals are present and provide further guidance and networking. Although I have completed my undergraduate endeavors, I try to attend as many sessions as possible. I still learn from the workshops and love to share testimony with students and parents about my academic journey and relationship with Options Without Walls, LLC. I truly appreciate Dr. Driggers in his capacity as mentor and friend, for always going above and beyond for me and his other students.

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