February 19, 2019

Is college the only option after high school?


By: Ms. Naté Hall

I went to college. But not all successful people do and frankly, I can’t really consider myself successful if you’ve heard the college dropout stories of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerman. Either way, I’m suggesting that we move away from talking about “college” as the only option after high school. This might seem an odd statement on a website encouraging college options, but that’s exactly my point, there are tons of possibilities for students, both in a traditional and non-traditional sense. So why do we get hung up on a conventional four-year degree as the only measure of post-secondary success?

Community colleges, online classes, and vocational or trade schools also emphasize continued learning. The trick is to be strategic when choosing a non-traditional path. Think really hard about not only what you like, but also what you’re good at doing. And be willing to sacrifice both time and money because post-secondary options cost both. Then work with an advisor to find the right program for you. Note the emphasis on “for you”, because continued education is something that you have to crave personally.

If you fit into the “traditional” category, head straight to college, don’t look back. But, if your path has a few bumps in the road, know that there is always room for continued learning with the right guidance and determination.

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