February 19, 2019

High School Students

High School GraduationIdeally, in a perfect world, college preparation for any individual should start at the age of three or four.  Though that may sound early, it is not too early.  Such preparation includes college awareness, financial planning, academic supports, and career interests.  The likelihood of college access and academic success increases with the more time devoted to planning.  Young people aspiring to college often suffer from stress and uncertainty.  Further, they may suffer setbacks due to misinformation.  At Options Without Walls, LLC, we provide accurate information, so that students can make good decisions.

The higher education industry has worked hard to address some issues facing students and their families.  However, the industry continues to face issues such as access, persistence, graduation rates, and the rising cost of attendance.  Options Without Walls, LLC can help students and parents understand and navigate the path to college.  We will assist you in tackling complex issues, such as admissions standards and funding philosophies of colleges and universities, federal, state, and private financial assistance, scholarships, SAT/ACT preparation, and the college selection process.  We will accomplish this while taking into account the student’s academic profile, background, and interests.  Our services include individual and family consultations, as well as workshops designed to help develop a specific plan to accomplish the student’s goals.

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Photo by: ajschwegler