February 19, 2019

Adult Learners

Adult LearnerAdult learners often seem forgotten and missing in higher education marketing literature. Scanning a college website, it can be challenging to find an adult learner reading a book on the campus grounds or working in a science laboratory. This can leave adult learners wondering if they are encouraged to apply to a college or a university. The answer is a definite yes. Not only is this cohort encouraged to apply, but is also welcomed by college administrators and educators. Like younger college candidates, adult learners must develop a strategic plan to select the right college and develop a plan to fund their education, persist in college and graduate. The adult learner is a different kind of student, with certain needs and expectations for college. Malcolm Knowles’ andragogy philosophy is something that both educators and adult learners should know and embrace.

Addressing being away from school for an extended period of time, as well as balancing parenting, home life and work can make some adult learners second guess returning to school. Before you make a decision that you can’t go back to school, meet with a professional at Options Without Walls, LLC. We  will help you make an informed decision about the best course of action for you. College is certainly possible for adult learners. However, information and a plan are necessary to make it a reality.

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